Marketing Automation & CX

Automate your marketing & customer experience in real-time.

Omni-channel orchestration

Visual editor
Build compelling scenarios in minutes - keep your customers for years!

Conditions, A/B splits, waits... all the building blocks are available.
Real-time triggers
Workflows can be triggered automatically when specific events occur: abandoned cart, a xuser enters or leaves a segment, does an action etc...

They can also be scheduled or manually / periodically launched.
Unlimited possibilities
Abandoned cart flow, loyalty program, RFM segmentation, birthday discounts etc...

You can also integrate with webhooks to execute custom actions in-house.
Facebook Ads & Google Ads
Sync your user segments with Facebook Ads & Google Ads audiences in order to create retargeting & lookalike campaigns.

Omni-channel marketing & notifications

Reach your customers wherever they are, with the right message, on the right channel.
Cross-channel translated notifications
Communicate in your users language by creating cross-channel & translated notifications for email, SMS, push etc...
Email template builder
Design cross-device emails with our drag'n drop template builder.

Inject dynamic variables with a powerful templating engine.
Notification topics
Keep track of your topics subscribers (newsletters, products back in stock, price drop alerts etc...).